Governor Rick Scott Presents Budget to Florida
Environmental Story Telling is the way to return Florida to Financial Health.

Water Future meeting UF Straughn IFAS Extension Center.  Friday June 8th 2012.

News Alert: Marion Sun Times  Floridian Bob Burton, noted water expert, again named Water Czar.  Adena Springs is the water solution of the decade in Florida states Water Czar Bob Burton.  Our plan to use Kanapaha Sewer effluent to grow grass will save the Gainesville Utility Millions while using up 10 million gallons of nutrient rich water daily.  The current practice of discharging the effluent into the Aquifer is coming to an abrupt end. More....

State of Florida investigating the old line empire builders in water districts and old DEP.  Axis of unemployment kept the environment sick in order to insure continued expansion of rescue empires and consulting opportunities. Water Czar Bob Burton explained in exclusive report about to be released by Marion Sun Times.

View State Report Card:  Florida receives mixed grades.  We can do better.  Follow Integrity Florida for Risk Report, and State Integrity report to see grades.
Attend if you can:   Dan Krassner to speak in Marion County.  The League of Women Voters of Marion County have invited the Integrity Florida CEO to speak.  Perhaps Marion TDC and EDC issues will come to light.
After years of decline EDC Ocala fails to receive $145,000 of tax payer's funds as has been the case for many years.  Ocala EDC is a small private company that for years has received Ocala and Marion County taxpayer funding to keep the Six Figure salary of CEO Pete Tesh paid the Economic Development of Ocala company now has competition.  Marion EDC receives no tax payer funds as well as Marion Marion Chamber.   Discover Marion County is supporting the Marion EDC and Marion Chamber to promote Marion County.  TDC Marion is the voice of Marion County's Tourism Development Committee that is pulling together an effective promotion of Marion County Florida without the problems that so often have plagued TDC operations around the State of Florida.  Rebuilding trust in TDC operations is job one according to the TDC experts.  Marion County Commissioners have worked in recent years to bring the Ocala Visitors Bureau into compliance with Florida Statutes 112.311.
 EDC Florida and Tax Watch Florida Recognizes the Integrity Florida  Corruption Risk Report, with the Tax Watch Florida 2012 Government Transparency Award.

News: State of Florida and FBI expand tourism dollar spending in Conflict of Interest TDC investigationTDC Suicide in nearby TDC investigation causes concerns at TDC Marion County.

Brad Rogers, Ocala Star Banner Editor, Editorial "Shrouded From the Sunshine" calls out local Ocala EDC for hiding corruption under the clouds in EDC Corruption, large and small editorial.  Ocala EDC is a junior Enterprise Florida organization and Brad is letting them have it with both barrels.  Go get'em Brad.  EDC Marion has worked for years and we appreciate Mr. Roger's highlighting the nonsensical waste of Tax Payers funds by the Ocala EDC for years.  EDC Ocala, TDC Ocala, have both come under the Focus of the Marion Sun Times and the Ocala Star Banner in recent years.  Integrity Florida is gaining traction, we wish them the best of luck and welcome their coming to the table.  It looks like Integrity Florida will help us open the process of transparent government funded dealings here in Florida. "Our scope and influence has been limited by the lack of funding over the years," stated CEO Don Browning.  An example is the County Commission focus on apparent conflict of interest at the Ocala Visitor and Convention Bureau.  It seems that to promote your business it may be necessary to be on the board of directors of the Ocala TDC.  According to a Commissioner who asked not to be named, over 2/3's of all the marketing business comes back to the directors who developed and funded the projects.  



Integrity Florida launches Corruption Risk Report: on Enterprise Florida.  Executive Director Dan Krassner is touring the State of Florida to help bring transparity to the Governor's effort to promoteFlorida's Economy.  Krassner is directing the effort shared by many Floridians that is we are more open, honest, and ethical in our state official dealings we will be more effective.  EDC's across the state have operated in an unaccountable fashion with little or no accountable.  Central Florida is a prime example.  Taking in tax dollars for years, the Ocala EDC showed little or no positive economic results with the exception of directing 6 figure annual incomes to the few who operate the cloud of secret cover.  

 Operating as a governmental agency when it is helpful, and sliding into a small private company, the Ocala EDC recently joined the Ocala Chamber of Commerce as both fell on hard times unable to keep up the high salaries of the CEOs.  Both the OcalaCC, and the Ocala EDC collapsed during the 2011 calendar year electing to join forces in the free Ocala City Building given to the organizations.  EDC Marion and Marion County Chamber have become the only survivors of the reduction of governmental funds. "Both the EDC Marion and Marion Chamber of Commerce do not take government funds and that has made all the difference,"  

Team conservation brings Don Browning back as Water Czar to head up the Billions of Gallons Stewardship program.  Bottled Water may save Florida Tax Payers Billions.
Congressional Candidate for US Florida District 6 Ted Yoyo is recognized as an environmental Steward who can help save the Florida Tax Payer potentially billions. 

It turns out that stopping the Agenda 21 Sustainability anti growth program wasn't so difficult to achieve after all," stated  TeamConservation Director Stephen Hunter.  All you need is a strong legislature and a Governor Scott who will keep his promises by signing a pro-jobs pro economic growth bill into law.  Senator Alan Hays and Governor Scott teamed up to start the economic train in motion.  The Axis of Unemployment is now officially broken, as the funds are zeroed.  It wasn't because we were short of funds, it was helpful Citizens from The Marion County Economic Action Team that help target the pulling of funds.
Marion county Chamber has announced a new growth plan to tie Governor Scot's Budget to Ocala and The Villages. 

Governor Rick Scott signs Jobs Budget in the Villages.  Water districts are being brought under control.  Water Czar endorses move to bring water districts under state policy.
Senator Alan Hays nominated for prestigious Water Czar Achievement Award recipient for his part in stopping the Agenda 21 Sustainable Development springs groups.  Senator Hays is credited with stopping the anti growth crowd in their tracks.  Pulling their funding will get the job done and if we can get the Jobs Budget going we will save Florida's Economy. 
The Celebration Begins. 

Governor Rick Scott continues effort to put together a strong Economic Action Team as he develops new leadership for a new energized Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  Known for Truth and Effective Straight Talk, Hershel Vinyard Jr. appointment is confirmed by the Florida Senate.  Governor receives "A+" from Florida Tax Watch.  EDC Florida sets a goal to develop Florida Tourism with a DEP Parks Base.  Theme is Best Visit Adventure.

Governor also kicked off the 500 Year Celebration Viva Florida.  Marion County is Central Florida headquarters with Viva La Florida.  ArtAdventure, History and our Future are linked to the celebration of Columbus setting foot on the new world, La Florida. 

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Water Czar Walter Pine Named 2011 Water Czar Technical Wizzard.  Muriel Carty, Walter Pine and Team Conservation salute Representative Trudi Williams and Senator Alan Hays for their keen legislative leadership in blocking an EPA takeover of Florida's clean water programs.  Together with Gov. Scott they offered renewed efforts to promote Florida's Economy through better stewardship, historical understanding and valuing of Florida's Environment.  

Newly appointed DEP Secretary Herschel Vinyard has already assembled a team to re-energize Florida's front line environmental agency.  Legislators and the Florida Cabinet join Governor Rick Scott in organizing a central theme of cooperation for Florida's 5 water districts to develop a central coordinated policy of creating a healthy economic opportunity while protecting Florida's environment.  EPA has already become well entrenched in Florida with the Everglades planning program that spends millions.  Reducing EPA's bureaucratic takeover is also high on Florida's priority list.

Just in:  Marion County Commissioners consider World Wide marketing of The Ocala Dome Mineral Water enjoyed for centuries in Historic Marion County.   How many billions of clean fresh mineral water do we need to send to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean before we consider fresh water's value.  Florida is moving closer to a stable consistent water policy for the state.  Five Water Districts of Florida have sometimes functioned erratically setting policy that conflicts and kills investment between near by districts.  Fundamental value and stewardship principles must be coordinated state wide.  Building a desal plant to produce fresh water while discharging a billion gallons of fresh water daily from a near by county is shows the need for state wide coordination of policy.  Florida has a long history of Flowing Springs that must be saved by a beneficial recharge of some of the water that currently goes out to the Gulf and Atlantic.

Governor Rick Scott's recent appointment of Herschel Vinyard is key to creating a structure of consistency across water district boundaries.  Melissa Meeker is being tapped to help coordinate policy between Florida's 5 districts.  An example of typographical features dictating geologic and hydro-logic boundaries is Swiftmud to the west of I 75 in Marion County, and St Johns District to the east of I 75.  Stretching north through central Florida I-75 sets an imaginary bureaucratic boundary down through the Surficial and Floridan Aquifer.  

Confused citizens attempt to navigate sometimes mind numbing contradictory policies.  Businesses are unwilling to invest because policy can change with the shift of single district regulation votes. Even within a district one county can send Sewer Effluent into the Aquifer feeding First Magnitude Springs while new springs protection regulations in the receiving county can fall short of regulating the pollution.   Inconsistent Water Policy is opening the door to arguments for EPA control of Florida policy.  Governor Scott is establishing a structure of consistent policy long advocated by Florida Water Czar founders Team Conservation.  A lack of consistent policy resulted from Water District Board appointments of persons with no real understanding of regional or state water issues.  Staff wars between districts sometimes resulted in detrimental policy for a region and even the entire State of Florida.  

Billion Dollar Water District empire budget growth has actually reduced chances of a positive outcome in many cases.  Staff expansion building regulation on bad policy has resulted in a clear understanding by the voters that reform is needed.  Sending Governor Rick Scott to Tallahassee to reenergize Florida Government is having the positive effect that voters hoped for.  Clearly government at all levels has gotten out of control.  Bidding wars within state funded agencies is causing an imbalance between Government job pay and Private Sector job pay.  Clearly finding a job in government kills private sector jobs and business investment.  Clever terms like doing more with less, environmentalism, globalism, sustainability and best management practices have been hijacked by anti Economic Growth interest now identified as the Axis of Unemployment.  Florida is fighting its way back to a vital healthy private economy under the leadership of Governor Rick Scott and a new breed effective team players.  The new Economic Action Team is on track to revitalize Florida's Economic Vitality.


 World Class Artesian Mineral Water may be saved from dumping by improved policy.  Jobs and revenue to the State of Florida could result from more consistent valuing of Florida's Natural Treasures.

Along the old route 19 near Lake George is example after example of Artesian Spring Magic.

Marion County Commissioners are attempting to work with residents who live out in the Ocala Forest to insure that Bottled Mineral Water distribution will be installed properly.  Viva La Florida is the 500 year celebration of Florida's rich history



 Ocala LimeStone Dome® Mineral Water has long been recognized as a Natural Treasure.  Now the Central Florida Area will benefit by inviting the world to enjoy our treasured water.  Citizens are beginning to calculate the value of watering the Ocklawaha and the Withlacoochee rivers with clean drinking water bubbling out at our springs.


Demand for Water and Calls for Conservation  Suggest Ocala may be targeting Silver Springs from below.  Ocala's Water Director eyes Silver Springs as water source.  Currently Ocala "big gulp" wells draw aquifer water away as it inters Silver Springs reducing flow.  Save Silver Springs Executive Director Stephen Hunter points to the 1 billion gallons of fresh drinking water lost daily to the gulf and ocean from Silver and Rainbow Springs.  Ocala is drawing Silver Springs down from underneath at a rate of $1.50 per thousand gallons.  Taking the water from above or below is the same, the water is worth millions and Ocala's city limits can expand below the ground.  Silver Springs is in Marion County, outside the City of Ocala.  Drawing from Silver Springs above ground would create a water war with Marion County residents.  Drawing from below the ground 

Marion County Commissioners may not allow Ocala to take water from under Silver Springs as County Residents begin to understand the value of drinking water.  

 Marion County has two springs Silver and Rainbow that send water valued at $1.50 per thousand gallons to the gulf and Atlantic daily.  1 Billion Gallons is valued at $1,500,000 daily goes to sea and Ocala is looking for water.

Much like Cuba side drilling ( or Slant Drilling ), under U. S. A. Gulf oil fields from underneath, Ocala Utilities is currently able do draw water from inside the Springs Protection Zone out of sight of Marion County Residents.  Much as Cuba cannot drill into U S oil fields from above, they can slant drill and draw out the valuable oil.  Ocala Utilities can't draw from the springs above but they can draw the same water from below.  St Johns Water Management has actual jurisdiction and has allowed Ocala draining storm water into the aquifer as replacement for the drinking water taken at a lower depth.  Called Beneficial Recharge both Gainesville and Ocala send their storm water into the drinking water aquifer feeding Silver and Rainbow Springs.

Ocala Marion County is usually the name given to a Marion County initiative because of the long history of Ocala City as the county seat, however when it comes to water, residents are concerned that Ocala may be the problem rather than the solution.  

 Excess pumping of the Floridan that feeds the Springs is drawing Silver and Rainbow Springs water away from underneath.  A battle is brewing between Ocala residents and Marion County residents over the draw down of surface waters by Ocala Utilities.  1 billion gallons that is wasted daily flowing out to the Ocklawaha especially is egregious.  Ocala has their eye on the 500,000 gallons that daily flows out of Marion County.  Yes it is pretty to look at but Ocala keeps hinting that they need a new fresh water source.  Step one in using the drinking water of Silver Springs is to stop draining the City of Ocala storm water into the spring.  In 2009 Ocala stopped dumping a 60 inch pipe that drained most of Ocala city streets into the Silver River.   Many water experts saw Ocala's admission of Drainage Wells and Surface draining into Silver Springs as the necessary cleanup so the water could be used by Ocala Utilities.  

 Ocala Star Banner calls for repairing old City of Ocala infrastructure that is leaking clean drinking water.   Plagued with chronic utility failures and old drainage well storm-water utilities, Ocala residents are faced with even higher water bills in the future.  Wasted drinking water will ultimately accelerate the population loss in Ocala as city utility waste the drinking water pumped from the Floridan Aquifer.  Experts have pointed to Ocala draining Aquifer water causing a drop in Silver Springs flow.  For years Ocala has attempted to stop growth in Marion County as the city wealthy and educated move out of Ocala.  

In the past few decades Ocala has fallen from 60% of the population to the current 17% estimate.  Losing water at city watering meters all across the city is causing increased utility bills for the folks left in Ocala.  Bad management systems have the Ocala water officials hoping to keep the economy from growing.  Ocala Star Banner writer Susan Latham Carr writes that the current economy has slowed and that is helping the city of Ocala Utilities, however the reduction in growth can't last indefinitely writes Ms Latham Carr.

1 Billion  Gallons of Ocala Cool Mineral Water boils out at Silver and Rainbow Springs Daily wasting a true Florida Resource.  We must Save 10% as beneficial recharge.

Efforts are underway to return up to 10% of the Spring Water back to beneficial recharge of the Floridan and Surficial Aquifers that make up the Ocala LimeStone Dome.   Marion County Commissioners have received a report from Florida Experts that outlines the plan to take and sell Silver Springs water currently suggested in the Ocala Star Banner "Ocala Utilities Looks for New Water Source".  Ocala Water Official looks for new Water Source.

Eco Tourism can provide the State Revenue we need to operate Florida without raising taxes.  Remember what we are fighting for in Team Conservation.

Florida Law Enforcement targets coruption.  Governor Rick Scott and new Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi form a perfect team.   Legislature targets EPA,  FDEP works to explain why we are billions behind any standards to protect our Aquifer.  Utilities have struggled to keep up with modern standards.  
New Bio-energy technologies hold promise for solving Nitrate issues.
Numeric Standards will be the answer perhaps at some point, but new standards must be installed slowly to avoid economic harm to Taxpayers.  Honesty is what is needed most  as Florida moves into a new era.  If we set even a high standard then we will have a single standard, and a chance to block EPA from regulating Florida's economy. Legally we must a single standard and a system to keep both utilities and ordinary citizens on the same page.  No standard or even a new EPA imposed Nitrate Standard, will become a "double standard" without proper oversite.    Big utilities are a little more equal than the rest of us, as George Orwell wrote.  We can do better.
Anti growth Environmentalist realize they were too effective at stopping growth.  Most State agencies are underfunded.  It is possible that Regulation and Control will be reduced.  We don't have standards, why do we need a larger FDEP to enforce standards that don't exist.  Stay Tuned.  EDC, the Economic Development Council is growing in stature.  
We need more growth, more wealth if we are to function as a society. 
Water Czar emeritus, Bob Burton stepped in at a critical time.  Team Conservation thanks Bob for his valuable service.
Bob took the job as Water Czar to head off the UN further appointments, as Governor Charlie Crist was rumoured to be ready to appoint a Florida Water Czar, following California and the UN.  California was first to follow the UN by naming a Water Czar.  Team Conservation took action by naming Don Browning Water Czar, before Charlie Crist and The Florida DEP could act. Private Business under the EDC Florida has taken front stage with the help of several legislators who are hoping to put Florida's Economy back on a growth footing.

 Muriel Carty-Lash is named 2011 Water Czar.  Stopping EPA while accomplishing even better management practices through DEP is Water Czar Carty-Lash's top priority.  Governor Rick Scott is focusing on EDC recommendations to reform DEP, Water Districts, and DCA.  Big Task!
Water Czar EmetitusBob Burton explains geographical issues and discrepancies with DEP and DERM Land Taking.  Bob gives the authorities every opportunity to prove their data is not faulty.  Support Bob Burton our Florida Water Czar Emeritus.
Sometimes considered a satirical and cynical thinker, Bob attempts to add humor to spice up his critique of FDEP and EPA.  Taking on the UN Bob has done a great job reversing Agenda 21, and Sustainable Development damages.  A Tea Party favorite, Bob is now suffering apparent FDEP harassment in his private life.  As an ardent supporter of Congressional Reform Candidate Don Browning, Bob spent much of 2010 pressuring FDEP to end the reported 2.5 billion dollar bad management practices.  BMP;s only come to life when EPA threatens to come to Florida.   

New Water Czar Named by Team Conservation.  Agenda 21 Expert, Bob Burton Takes up the Challenge.  

Water Czar Emeritus Burton vows to end the Gainesville City Discharge of Sewer Effluent into the Aquifer at Kanapaha Sewer Plant.

Second Goal is to call for an investigation of the no bid contracts given to the Springs Protection political action groups operating out of FDEP. 

An agency as big as FDEP should not have to hire spokespersons to promote political agendas.  All of the separate water and environmental

agencies should become a single down sized agency.  Lobbying by agencies should stop.  Why can't an agency speak for themselves.  Six figure

executives should be able to make an appointment and speak for themselves.   

Known as an environmental leaderGainesville's Kanapaha Sewer Plant is asked to considering Effluent Harvest, in order to stop pollution of Regional Springs and Marion County's Drinking water.  Taking responsibility for the discharge from the Kanapaha Sewer Plant will break the back of the Sustainable Development program called Springs Protection.
Don Casey was recently asked to speak at the Ocala Florida Tea Party central meeting.  Mary Clark arranged Mr. Casey's breath taking presentation.  Sustainable Development can be defeated if we all do our part.  Congressional Candidate Don Browning from the Florida 6 District met with Mr. Casey in a special session.

 Ending Sustainable Development is key to reducing regulation on Floridans.   Study Agenda 21 to understand how Springs Protection is responsible for one of the prime reasons for liberty loss in Florida. 

Old news: Florida Department of Environmental Protection leader Mike Sole is requiring sewage from the Silver Springs Attraction Ross Allen Island not be discharged into Springs Lagoon.  The practice of dumping into the Springs waters is considered an important reason for the increase of algae in the Springs and Silver River.  Coupled with Acres of parking delivering millions of gallons of storm sewer runoff and local urban drain pits, Silver Springs has fallen on hard times.  Sec. Mike Sole is attempting to turn around a bad situation.

Team Conservation's Florida Water Czar and Springs Protection Working Group . Com Director Don Browning has been working with the Marion County Commission to correct several major pollution issues at Silver Springs

Florida Representative Alan Hays to help FDEP account for the Millions of Gallons daily discharged into the Floridan Drinking Water Aquifer.

Florida Water Czar and Team Conservation vote to endorse Alan Hays for Florida Senate.   

Floridan Aquifer: Health Concerns about Aquifer health from Sewer Utility discharge. High Nutrients discovered in Silver Springs and Wekiva Springs aquifer feeders. Florida Drinking Water at risk.

Florida Water Bird Artist helps the people secure new standards for nitrate discharge by Utilities. Health concerns uncovered.

Water Czar Environmental Activist, Wildlife Artist helps the people secure new standards for nitrate discharge by Utilities.

Judge Allows US Law to require Florida to set standards. Double standard for FDEP regulated Utilities on one hand and the people on the other will end. Set a Single Standard declares Judge Hinkle.

Bob Burton Named Water Czar, 2010. The People need a Water Czar. The times, they are a changing! Don Browning asks for less "sugar coating" of reports about utility discharge pipes into the aquifer.

Team Conservation names Don Browning, Author and Artist to represent the people of Florida in maters concerning WATER. The "establishment" asks, Don Who?

A modern day "John James Audubon", Don Browning has used Florida Landscape and Wading Bird Wildlife Art, to make a difference in how State Agencies protect our Florida Treasures. Bad Management Practices must be up graded. Too much is at stake.

18,000,000 people finally get a Water Czar.
Welcome graphic
The Water Czar's Voice Idea may help shed light on pollution discharge to the Floridan Aquifer.

Don Browning will use the Water Czar title to shed light on Environmentalist like Linda Young of Clean Water Network of Florida.  Don Hopes to bring the passion of some environmentalist to the effort of keeping EPA out of Florida water issues.
Team Conservation members decided it was time a Water Czar was named to take on Utility Interest. 
We all struggle to be heard against the power roar of big agency red tape.  Now is the time for the people to be heard. 
Especially with Governor Rick Scott and newly appointed DEP Sec. Herschel Vinyard Jr. we expect to see a turn around in FDEP anti growth programs.  Water Czar Don Browning is expecting big things from Sec. Herchel Vinyard Jr.

Florida's new Water Czar hopes to carry the message of world wide clean water hope to the world as Florida is a leading example.  Because Florida is the technical center of the Space World, Space Florida Earth Science Solutions may be able to solve improper waste discharge world wide.  Viewing high pollution discharge from Earth Orbit is the latest tool in solving water problems.
Waste of spring water sent to the Atlantic Ocean is an area of interest for Don.  1 Billion Gallons are wasted daily and we must stop that waste.  Water Czar Browning proposes reintroducing spring water to the aquifer and end the practice of sending clean water to the Ocean without use.  Water is a raw material and we must be proper stewards. 

News about Stormwater Harvesting. Florida's DEP must learn to be more honest about dumping perfectly good nutrient rich stormwater. We must end the drain pipe discarding of waste into our Aquifer. Out of site is not out of mind. Learn more.

Florida Water Czar recognizes Guy Laliberte, and his One Drop Foundation, as a National Hero of clean water.

See Wekiva Springs Area Drainage Wells. Perhaps Senator Lee Constantine will be able to clean up the Utility Pollution with a local bill in the senator's Wekiva District.

FDEP and DOT do not tell how utilities pollute.
It is time for the full story to be told. Stick with the Water Czar to find out about your water.

This is what a discharge drain looks like.  Most citizens are completely deceived.  9 of 1 surveyed citizens, thought water retention ponds were designed to retain storm sewer water allowing a filtered recharge to the aquifer.  Few even knew that the drainage wells pictured here are direct pollution pipes to the drinking water aquifer and Silver Springs.  DEP and DOT allow the direct discharge of high nitrate and heavy metal storm sewer runoff to be injected directly into the ground water leading to Silver Springs.

In addition to polluting the ground water and the springs, these drainage wells direct acid rain to the limestone base under Ocala.  FIZZING the limestone in a chemical reaction is just one of the contributors to the increase of sink holes in Ocala Florida.  What are they thinking? 

FDEP allows polluters to set the discharge rules.
Discharge to Silver Springs by the City of Ocala keeps the spring clouded by Algae.

This St Johns River Water Management District map of some of the drainage well discharge points, helps to show how local problems must be solved by local clean up bills. Senator Dean declares "each Spring is Unique" and we agree. Clean up Wekiva Area now. Outlaw Drainage Wells and Sewer discharge to the aquifer.

Senator Lee Constantine District Wekiva Springs
The Wekiva Springs area is polluted by hundreds of Utility discharge points. Polluters set rules.

Today's Quote:  by: Tim Turbo, (Tim is decades in the Water Utility Business)  

"These wells were drilled in the 50’s-60’s time frame.  Flooding was a very big issue and these were a cheap solution.  Out of sight out of mind mentality.  Anyway DEP hasn’t a clue or a care where they all are.  The city has 29, the county a half dozen or so and who knows how many are on private property, the DOT is very protective of what they have.  As David Payne from the Health Department said, “we’d have to dig these guys up, so we could hang them” kinda of appropriate of us paying for their sins. "

Tim, thank you for your comments.  Legislators and our Governor Charlie Crist, are taking notice in favor of Utility Reform. 

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